Sunday, August 28, 2011

Supergods Review

This book opened my eyes. It made me see that a creative mind, unfettered by social convention and stereotypes, can produce something so uniquely human in a place(comics) we would least likely look for it. Grant Morrison is fearless, visionary, and brings to the world of superheroes something I never would have understood before reading this book: the idea of superheroes is part of human evolution. He brilliantly explores the history of superheroes from their earliest days in the 30s and shows how they were created out of a deep need in human nature to reach beyond ourselves and face the threat of global extermination(from economic forces, world war, and the atomic threat). Intertwined in this is his personal story of involvement with the genre and what they have added to his life. He has lived the life of a rock star but never lost his sense of purpose. In fact, the book very much reminded me of the Jim Morrison bio No One Here Gets Out Alive. Grant Morrison's bio is just as intellectually stimulating, challenging, and will have your head thinking outside whatever cultural or educational limitations you may have acquired in life. Think of Grant Morrison as a Jim Morrison who never lost his sense of purpose or his vision but continually went and like a Prometheus recreated and recreated. Also, this book has one of the most touching parent-child scenes I've ever read or heard about. At 18, graduating from high school with little or no prospects, money or a chance at college he comes home from meeting with his guidance counselor and encounters his mother who tells him she and his father bought him a present and its in his room. He goes in there and finds a typewriter and on it is the following message from his parents: We love and believe in you. The world is waiting to hear from you. Morrison is mystical, visionary, but also as down to earth and hard nosed about real world problems and politics as you will ever encounter. Dont miss this book, whether you may have read a comic or two, or are a rabid fan, you will see them in a whole new light.