Monday, January 4, 2010

The Rest is Silence

...for the forseeable future. Due to financial pressures and lack of employment I'm going to have to shut down for a while(unless my local library suddenly fast forwards to the twenty first century and installs wi fi).

Rough year financially ahead. Teaching jobs in my neck of the woods are precious and few and budget cuts fall like rain on the just and the unjust. At least I can take some small comfort from the fact that I am by no means the only one unemployed, and that many share a similar fate.

Don't much know what they new year will bring except that I will now have the opportunity to read many books that are lying around: The House of the Stag, The Prince of Nothing Trilogy, The Godless World Trilogy, The Black Company books, and every book of the Malazaan after Garden's of the Moon(I have a rule where I refuse to read a series unless its been completed, but finances this year will dictate otherwise), and the reader's companion to the Lord of the Rings, which I mean to use as a guide to my umpteenth reading of LOTR. I also have not read the last book in the Mistborn trilogy: The Hero of Ages.

A sense of anguish as well. So many series are out now that I can't afford and desperately want to keep on reading: The Fables and Northlanders especially. Bleach, Claymore, Death Note.

Plus with my luck this would be the year Joss Whedon decides to allow novelizations to expand the Firefly universe, like Star Wars has done. Oh Well.

What really sucks is I dont imagine finding a job nearby and will have to relocate. In itself not bad, I do prefer living in cities to the rural small town environment I'm in.

What sucks about relocating is that I won't be able to take most of my books with me.

Oh the irony, I will have all this time to read and be unable to blog.

But the worst part is that I've grown used to having my favorite blogs and sff reader sites there every day. I will miss the sense of community.

Be back when I can...


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