Friday, December 4, 2009

November Books Read

-Fables 8: Wolves, Bill Willingham, graphic novel

-Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay, fantasy novel

-Lavinia, Ursula K. Le Guinn, historical/magical realist novel

-The Scene Book: A Primer for Fiction Writers, Sandra Scofield, writing reference

-Peter & Max, a Fables Novel, Bill Willingham, fantasy novel

-I Kill Giants, Joe Kelley, graphic novel

best reads of the month: pretty much everything. With the exception of Lavinia. Didn't like the the main character. She comes across as not so much pious as opportunist. Biggest surprise of the month was Peter & Max. Now my candidate for best fantasy novel published this year. Joe Kelley's I Kill Giants was a warning to be more careful what I choose to read in a bookstore. I started tearing up at the end and had to go to the restroom to collect myself. Some tough guy.

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