Monday, December 21, 2009

Highly Anticipated Books for 2010

Some of these have been out already and I haven't been able to read them. Some of these have been promised to be delivered on a yearly basis(yes I see you Rothfuss and Martin, putting your heads down and shuffling toward the exit) but have thus far been no shows. Still, we keep on hoping.

Soon I'll post my picks for best reads of the year. But for now these are the titles I most want to read in 2010:

The Whale Road, by Robert Low because when Joe Abercrombie recommends a book and an author, I pay attention.

The Heroes, by Joe Abercrombie

The Sequel to The Magicians by Lev Grossman, Ok I dont honestly know if this was promised to be released in 2010 but I'm hoping anyway.

The Wise Man's Fear, by Patrick Rothfuss, I'm starting to wonder if this isn't all some sort of elaborate pun on Rothfuss's part: The Wise Man's Fear is that book two will actually be released.

A Dance with Dragons, GRRM, maybe he should retitle it A Dance With Deadlines.

The follow up book to Sussanna Clarke's Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell. No release date but Clarke said the book will focus on the characters on the lower spectrum of society. I agree with Lev Grossman, this was probably the fantasy book of the decade, did things with fantasy no one had ever done. The sheer daring of what she attempted should be enthusiastically applauded at every fantasy conference.

The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson, Volume One of the Stormlight Archive, if this guy publishes his grocery lists I'll probably run out and buy them. He's that good.

Whatever Neil Bloody Gaimen wants to publish. Because he is also that good.

Anything by John Scalzi, or Richard K. Morgan, or R. Scott Bakker.

And probably the book I'm most anticipating: Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay: For the sheer beauty of his sentences, the impressive intelligence behind the curtain of words, and the true poet's touch, he is the best writing today. The descriptions of the book hooked me. His situations are the most unique and at the same time so very universally human. He is the modern master of fantasy.

Books I have that I am going to read: Brian Ruckley's The Godless World series, R. Scott Bakker's The Prince of Nothing; Knife of Dreams and The Gathering Storm, The House of the Stag by Kage Bakker, The Black Company books by Glen Cook, Sergei Lukayenko' Night Watch Series, and Ken Scholes Psalms of Isaak series. Also, its time to explore the expanded HALO universe of Books. And I am going to sit down with My reader's companion to the lord of the rings and go through the books.
Thats pretty much it. I'm sure I'll find way too much to read at the local borders.

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