Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New book in the mail

I know, its not exactly speculative fiction. But I will be reading this off and on for the next few weeks. I feel like I owe a debt to football and its kind of a shame I never understood or followed it: family legend has it my great grandfather played for the Pottsville Maroons, and my dad was an all state fullback(though not athletic I took up powerlifting so my dad wouldn't have to hide at family reunions). I should at least learn and learn to appreciate the game. And in a way it will remind me of my dad, who I do miss.

Besides, now I'll understand what GRRM is talking about on his blog.

Now that I think about it, my dad's favorite team was the Giants too. Hm. If I ever am fortunate enough to meet GRRM at least I can open with something that may not bore him.

As far as favorite team: the Bills. I dont know about T.O. but the happiest I've ever been has been when I lived upstate. Besides, I like underdogs and almost rans.

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