Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Books Read August 09

-Fables 1: Legends in Exile, Bill Willingham, graphic novel

-Foundling, D M Cornish, YA fantasy novel

-Fables 2: Animal Farm, Bill Willingham, graphic novel

-The Magicians, Lev Grossman, fantasy novel

-Old Man's War, John Scalzi, science fiction novel

-Fables 3: Storybook Love, Bill Willingham, graphic novel

-Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, Bill Willingham, graphic novel

-"New Spring," in Legends, by Robert Jordan, fantasy short novel

-"Dragonfly", in Legends, by Ursula K. Leguin, fantasy short novel

-"The Burning Man" , in Legends, by Tad Williams, fantasy short novel

Thanks to the Adventures in Reading blog for clueing me into Fables. By far the best graphic novel series I've read in a long time. Best book of the month: can't really say. Both Old Man's War and The Magicians were exceptionally good. Most dissapointing was Foundling. Started out with great ideas but the writing felt lacking. He created this complicated intriguing world but it felt like we were ushered through rather hurriedly instead of being allowed to explore. Sometimes info dumping is ok in fantasy novel. Legends was a bolt from the blue: now I have to go get all the Earthsea and Memory Sorrow and Thorn books. Jordan I've already read up to book ten where I stalled out. Scheduled for September: Winterbirth, Best Served Cold, The Stranger and parts 4,5 and 6 of Fables. I dont think I'm going to review Fables until I at least get to at least the half way point, say after book six.
Good month. New work schedule allows for more reading time. Having a four day workweek is doing wonders for my intellectual aspirations.

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